Subaru Tribeca Bonnet Latch Recall

Subaru Tribeca Bonnet Latch Recall

Thousands of Subaru Tribeca’s recalled over bonnet latch issue.

Over 9000 Subaru Tribeca vehicles sold in Australia will need to be returned to a Subaru dealership to have a potentially hazardous issue with the bonnet latch attended to.

Affected 2007 to 2014 variants of the Subaru SUV, the Subaru Tribeca bonnet latch recall is being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The ACCC recall notice advises Subaru Tribeca owners that the bonnet may not latch correctly when closing due to corrosion or lubricant congealing.

If the bonnet does not latch correctly when closing, the bonnet may open during driving, causing impairment to the driver’s field of vision and posing a potential accident hazard.

Known owners will be contacted by mail as soon as parts become available to present their vehicle to their preferred Subaru Retailer for the recall work at no charge.

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