Subaru Kick-Off Capped Price Servicing

Subaru Kick-Off Capped Price Servicing

Capped Price Servicing now available across entire Subaru range.

Subaru Kick-Off Capped Price Servicing – The new Subaru WRX is also included in the Capped Price Servicing program.

Subaru buyers will now be able to lock in their servicing costs, not just for the term of the three year warranty, but for the life of the car.

Not only that, Subaru capped price servicing extends to even Subaru cars built as far back as 2006!

There are some conditions; including that the capped price servicing includes all items required as part of the standard scheduled service. But labour, genuine parts, factory specified oils and fluids, and environmental levies are covered.

Subaru Australia Managing Director Nick Senior says the program is all about giving Subaru owners peace-of-mind.

“It means they can make better, informed choices on how they service their Subaru’s.

“Basically, Capped Price Servicing sets the maximum price participating Subaru Retailers will charge for each standard Scheduled Service, on applicable Subaru vehicles.”

All terms and conditions are available on the Subaru website and the Capped Price Servicing program begins from tomorrow.

Joel Helmes