Subaru Goes to the Dogs…Again

Subaru Goes to the Dogs…Again

Subaru launch new The Barkleys ads in the U.S.

Apparently there is a very good chance that if you own a Subaru, you also own a dog. Now Subaru in the U.S. is about to launch the latest round of television commercials featuring The Barkleys.

Subaru reckons they build cars that are dog friendly and that the people who are generally drawn to Subaru cars are people who would have a valued pooch at home, and often in the backseat or cargo area of their car.

Subaru is again using dogs to find new owners in a new U.S. advertising campaign.

Aired to a large amount of acclaim last year, The Barkleys ads are back again for another year and the first commercial is set to go to air during this weekends SuperBowl.

One of last year’s The Barkleys Subaru commercials…

This years “Dog Tested. Dog Approved.” advertising campaign celebrates the love of pets shared by the brand and its owners, according to Alan Bethke, vice president, marketing at Subaru of America.

“Subaru and its customers have a deep connection to pets. Eight out of 10 Subaru owners are pet owners, and our brand continues to support the causes and initiatives that our customers care about,”

“The new ‘Dog Tested. Dog Approved.’ campaign puts the Barkley family in the driver’s seat to help celebrate this shared love.”

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