Study finds road rage common

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Worrying findings out of the UK where three in ten road users have reported they’ve been involved in a road rage incident in the past year.

And we’re talking about either being threatened or being involved in a physical altercation.

The research revealed just over half of road users (53%), including motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, runners or wheelchair users, have been intimidated, or felt intimidated, when they’re out and about.

47% have faced aggression from other road users, with 67% saying they were tailgated.

More than 40% said they’ve been shouted at, sworn at or insulted.

It was also found that 18% of road users have been threatened physically and one in ten has actually come to blows!

Given the statistics it will probably not come as a surprise to hear that one in five respondents saying that they fear for their safety.

How to avoid road rage? Patience and remaining calm are the keys. Don’t provoke others and remember we all make mistakes.

While if you feel particularly threatened never lever your vehicle, keep it locked and call the police.

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