Strong support for driving tests every five years

UK research finds many people happy to be retested

driving test

There may be road safety advantages to retesting drivers every five years, but surely it would put a huge strain on road authority resources?

Despite that, many UK motorists say they would be happy to resit their practical driving test every half decade.

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A survey of 2000 UK motorists conducted by Continental Tyres found around a quarter were happy to go through the testing process again.

Why? Because they believe the practice would improve road safety and help drivers cope with new automotive technologies.

And a larger proportion, almost half, said they believe the driving tests that all novice drivers have to take should be updated to best suit the needs of the current time.

This was so the test better reflects new automotive technologies and changing driving practices.

The research also unveiled that drivers want to see revisions that are more safety-focused like including better understanding laws around mobile phones (64%), as well as how to do routine safety checks like tyre tread depth and tyre pressures (57%).

Checking oil and other fluid levels were also rated as important.

Safety expert, Mark Griffiths, says he was surprised to see so many people in favour of five-year driving tests.

“It is interesting that people would accept sitting their practical driving test every five years.

“It’s good to see people recognise safety is important and that they understand there are a lot of automotive technologies to keep up with.

“Clearly people want safety prioritised – like knowing more about the legal use of mobile phones when driving as well as other issues around driving practice.”

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What do you think? Would you be happy to re-do your driving test every five years? Would it be too big a strain on resources? Would there be road safety advantages do you think?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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