Strong satisfaction found among Toyota owners

Strong satisfaction found among Toyota owners

Independent study finds growing satisfaction with Toyota dealers…

The top-selling car brand in Australia also has a very satisfied customer base, according to a new study.

Toyota Australia tell us that the independent survey of Toyota owners has found 47% would recommend their Toyota dealership to a friend.

That percentage is down from the results of the same study conducted in 2015, however Toyota tell us the surveys standards/formula have changed.

The previous owner surveys measured satisfaction levels with their Toyota dealership based on a star-rating system, while the new survey asks how likely the car owners are to suggest their friends buy/service a vehicle there.

Sales and marketing chief at Toyota, Tony Cramb, says he was glad to see the maximum satisfaction rating had actually gone up from the 2014 result.

“Under the old criteria 42% gave their dealership a five-star score in 2014,”

“Standing out from the competition in guest experience is all about focusing on behaviours that drive satisfaction, build loyalty and ultimately ensure Toyota owners become advocates for the brand.”

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