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More steady growth for Chinese cars in Australia in August

Sales continue to increase for Chinese-sourced vehicles

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The numbers may still be small, however the rate at which Australian car buyers are giving Chinese vehicles a go is increasing.

VFACTS car sales data for August 2017 shows 343 Chinese-built vehicles were sold in Australia last month.

That number is up from 263 in the same month last year, a jump of 30.4%.

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While across the first full eight months of the year Australian car buyers have purchased 3,080 cars from Chinese car manufacturers, up from 1,852 in the same period last year – an increase of just over 66%.

August 2017 Car Sales Data – Chinese manufacturers:

While there were no sales recorded by Foton in Australia in August 2017.

The data also shows that Japan continues to lead the way in the local market, but Thai-sourced cars are making some serious inroads.

While sales of Korean, German, French, and British cars were also up in the month.

August 2017 Car Sales Data – Country of Origin:

  • Japan – 27,429 (+0.3%)
  • Thailand – 24,191 (+6.2%)
  • Korea – 14,494 (+17.6%)
  • Germany – 7,240 (+8.6%)
  • Australia – 5,049 (-31.7%)
  • USA – 3,912 (-16.7%)
  • England – 3,266 (+7.4%)
  • Spain – 1,337 (+6.4%)
  • Hungary – 1,015 (+11.4%)
  • South Africa – 813 (-34.9%)
  • Czech Republic – 772 (-0.1%)
  • France – 702 (+36.8%)
  • Poland – 617 (+85.8%)
  • Argentina – 533 (+21.4%)
  • Finland – 457 (+15.7%)
  • Mexico – 420 (+111.1%)
  • Italy – 372 (+10.1%)
  • Turkey – 360 (+19.6%)
  • China – 343 (+30.4%)
  • Belgium – 342 (-49.0%)
  • Slovak Republic – 306 (+15.5%)
  • India – 231 (-50.1%)
  • Sweden – 84 (-57.1%)
  • Indonesia – 19 (-17.4%)
  • Portugal – 5 (-58.3%)
  • Malaysia – 3 (-81.3%)
  • Other – 2,350 (+17.7%)

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Are you ready to give a Chinese car a go? Does it matter to you where your car is manufactured? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. After a fair bit of research, I finally chose the Haval H2 Lux to replace my wife’s 2000 model KIA Rio hatch. Yes this little Rio we bought second hand is 17 years old, and apart from what to me was a design flaw in the pedal box which lead to clutch cable failure ( a little DIY and welding at a local engineering works had that sorted) the Rio has been amazing and hugely reliable. It was probably newly launched on the market in Aus when KIA and Huyendai (spelling?) were viewed with the same suspicion and bias, as Haval is today….So why the Haval? Well in point form: Build quality, paint finish, driving dynamics are as good as anything, if not better, out there. ( I have owned an Audi, 3 Series BMW, and currently drive an MBenz E240 wagon). Styling is eye catching, by the ex BMW designer, who designed these Havals. The Lux model equipment fit, for the current market stimulating price, is hard to beat, not to mention 5 year warranty and road assist. Will the wife notice the relatively sedate acceleration of the 1500 turbocharged unit? Doubt it, I think the electrically adjustable, lumbar support adjustable, heated seats, for when her back is a bit sore after a days teaching, will impress her far more. Chinese dodgy built? Well….my iPad is made in China, so is almost everything else in the house!

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