Speeding often due to being late

UK study finds racing the clock a major cause of speeding

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You might be a good and sensible driver, but if you’re running late, do you find you drive faster than normal?

A UK study has found that it’s when people are racing the clock, i.e. when trying to get to a meeting, appointment, or to work, that they’re likely to drive faster, potentially even breaking the speed limit.

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The survey was completed by Venson Automotive Solutions and found 28% of motorists admitted to speeding because they set off too late or didn’t allow enough time for their journey.

25% said they drove above the legal speed limit because they needed to make up time due to delays caused by heavy traffic.

22% said they were making up for time due to road works.

While 24% said they went over the limit “accidentally”.

For those who were speeding, over a quarter (26%) were driving on a motorway, a further 19% were on a dual carriageway and 13% said they were speeding in an area they weren’t familiar with.

Simon Staton from Venson says the findings are an eye-opener.

“It’s clear from our survey that many people are tempted to speed when they are running late, whether it’s because of traffic or just leaving the house later than planned.

“However, it’s vital that drivers allow themselves enough time to do what they need to do before they set off in the morning, to avoid unnecessary heartache.”

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Do the findings seem right to you? Are you more likely to drive faster when trying to make up time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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