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Smart new tyre tech from Continental

Keep an eye on your tyres with clever new technology

continental tyres new tech

Those black rubbery things that your car runs along on are actually a significantly important contributor to your cars handling, braking and stability.

But, despite their importance, as we know, tyres are often pretty much completely ignored and forgotten by a large percentage of car owners.

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In recent years though, to try and help those car owners who can’t be bothered checking their air pressures, car manufacturers have started fitting air pressure monitors and warning systems into their vehicles.

Now, Continental Tyres has taken that functionality and assistance angle a step forward with new imbedded tyre monitoring technology.

The tech, known as ContiSense and ContiAdapt, is based on electrically conductive rubber compounds that enable electric signals to be sent from a sensor in the tyre to a receiver in the car.

The sensors continuously monitor both tread depth and temperature, and should there be an issue with either, the car will then alert the driver.

The ContiSense system can also transmit info about the road surface, such as its temperature or the presence of snow, to the driver.

And, it doesn’t stop there, as this video shows – the tyres can also adapt to the conditions that you’re driving in…

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Still only concepts at this stage, we will bring you more details on these clever new technologies as further details come to hand.

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