Seven Tips to Save You Fuel

Seven Tips to Save You Fuel

Fuel prices are creeping back up, here’s how you can stay ahead…

The chances are fuel prices are heading only one way – north, and that means you need to do what you can to try and save money.

Fortunately, there are some really simple ways that you can save fuel, and in turn money.

Our friends at motoring organisation, GEM Motoring Assist, say improving your fuel economy is as simple as following these seven tips:

Choose an easy-on, easy-off style

Economical and environmental driving techniques focus on a relaxed approach to acceleration.

Using brakes wastes fuel, so try to anticipate what’s happening as far ahead as possible.

This means you’re making best use of your car’s energy, and ensuring an altogether safer, lower-risk style of driving.

Slow down

Most cars are at their most efficient around 80km/h, and for every 8 kilometres an hour over 95 you drive, you will lose around six per cent of your fuel economy.

Use the gears

Aim to get into a high gear promptly (but not so quickly that you strain the engine).

This helps reduce your car engine’s thirst.

Check your tyres

Keep them properly inflated and make regular checks on their condition.

Even a slight reduction in pressure will lead to greater resistance on the road, meaning you will spend more on fuel and on tyres.

Switch it off

Don’t let your engine sit running on idle If you’re sitting in a queue for more than 30 seconds, or simply parked up waiting for someone, switch the engine off.

Look after your car

A properly maintained car stands a better chance of running economically.

Know where you’re going

Don’t waste fuel by being lost in your car. Journeys will take less time if you plan a route.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth says it’s all about using some common sense.

“Any driver can make good use of these tips, starting right now,”

“The result should be not just better fuel economy, but also a reduction in risk through better anticipation of hazards.

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