Save money by looking after your car

Save money by looking after your car

Car Care Council says it’s easy to keep your car in top shape…

It is normally our second biggest financial commitment and yet so often car owners don’t really do their best to protect their investment.

But a well looked after car will keep its value better than one that goes unloved, and unwashed.

The not for profit Car Care Council recommend following these five tips to keep your car in tip-top shape:


Start the cleaning process by removing excess clutter from inside the car as it can be distracting and hazardous, especially when debris finds its way near the accelerator and brake pedals.

Don’t forget to clear out items that have accumulated in the trunk as they can add extra weight and reduce fuel efficiency.

Clean the Interior

The next step is to thoroughly clean the interior, wash the windows, and clean and install floor mats.

Be sure to vacuum on a regular basis. A clean and orderly interior allows you spot issues in the cabin so you can get them repaired before they get worse.

Wash the Exterior

Give your car a good wash from top to bottom using products specifically made for automobiles.

Always clean the tyres and wheels before washing the body, and don’t use the same washing mitt or cloth for both.

Wax Twice a Year

Waxing not only protects a vehicle’s finish, but it also makes subsequent washing easier.

Before proceeding, make sure there are no foreign particles on the paint.

It is important to note that waxing should be done in the shade, not direct sunlight.

Fix Chips

If you find minor paint damage, cover the paint chips as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

For a quick fix until you can get paint touch-up supplies, dab a little clear nail polish on the scratch.

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