Safety credentials a low priority for young car buyers

Safety credentials a low priority for young car buyers

Price, colour much higher priorities

The statistics don’t lie – young drivers are exceedingly more likely to have a crash then their more experienced counterparts.

Despite this, research has just found that a cars safety credentials are a low priority for young car buyers.

The study, commissioned by Co-op Insurance in the UK, found price, cost of insurance, cost to own and run, colour, and the age of their prospective vehicle were all higher priorities.

Safety credentials ranked just ahead of the reputation of the car they were considering and what the interior was like.

Only one in 10 (11%) of young drivers asked questions about safety when choosing their first car.

James Hillon from Co-op said the results are disappointing.

“The fact that almost a third of young drivers have been involved in a road traffic incident in the first 6 months of driving highlights just how important it is to have a safe vehicle.

“The research gives us real insight into what young people are looking for when it comes to choosing their first car and it’s concerning to find that so few prioritise safety.”

For those novice car buyers that are looking for a car that will do its best to protect them in the event of a crash, the insurer also named its top safety picks for young drivers.

Cars available in Australia that made the safest cars list included the Volkswagen up! (available second-hand), Toyota Yaris and Kia Rio.

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