Renault ZOE on its way

Zero emissions car coming to Australia

Renault ZOE on its way

The Renault ZOE has been Europe’s best selling electric vehicle of the last year and now it’s coming to Australia.

The battery-electric ‘supermini’ offers up 300km off real-world driving range powered by a 41kWh high-energy density battery.

Combined with the electric motor, the ZOE delivers 86kW while 220Nm and regenerative braking, ECO mode and the longer range, reduces range-anxiety.

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A patented charger allows the Renault ZOE to charge at the maximum possible rate depending on the source and can charge at three different power levels.

The ZOE also features a heat pump that controls the heating and cooling of the cabin in addition to a pre-conditioning function that sets the interior temperature whilst charging.

Renault ZOE on its wayRenault will be targeting fleet buyers in a business/business and business/government arrangement.

The Renault ZOE has proven to be popular in Europe and Renault Senior Model Line Manager Elena Woods, says she expects the same response from Australian drivers.

“Renault is the pioneer of pure-electric mobility. ZOE now offers the longest driving range of any mainstream pure electric vehicle in Australia. It is a realistic alternative to internal combustion engines, now that average Australian daily commuting distances are well within its capabilities.”

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