Renault confirms ongoing shopping centre campaign

Renault commits to new retail store in Melbourne shopping centre…

Renault confirms ongoing shopping centre campaign

The resurgence in the concept of shopping centre car showrooms looks to be continuing with Renault announcing it would have a long-term presence at ‘The New Chadstone’ shopping centre in Melbourne.

Following on from a commitment to more shopping centre showrooms by rivals Subaru, Renault tell us they will also be continuing the new approach to getting prospective buyers into vehicles.

The move makes sense too, though the results from other manufacturers that have tried shopping centre showrooms, such as Proton and Infiniti, have been mixed.

Regardless, the Renault boss in Australia, Justin Hocevar, says he’s looking forward to exposing shoppers to the Renault product.

“Renault is delighted to have secured prime-position outside Myer at the new Chadstone,”

“This display will feature our all-new Renault Koleos and Megane, which were both launched a few months ago, as well as our F1 machine, to entice shoppers to learn more about the Renault brand.

“The new display complements our Renault Concept Store at Westfield shopping centre in Hornsby, Sydney, which has seen an enormous amount of interest from people wanting a different car buying experience.

“Renault has an important story to tell and these shopping centre environments, with their high foot traffic and relaxed atmosphere, provide the perfect way for us to continue our story and introduce our newest models.”

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