How to regain confidence after a car crash

How to regain confidence after a car crash

Simple tips to help you get back behind the wheel…

A car crash, even a minor one, can leave you shaken and anxious about getting back behind the wheel.

But there are ways you can get your confidence back.

Our friends at the road safety authority, IAM RoadSmart, recommend that you follow these simple steps to help you feel comfortable again in a vehicle.

Take your time

There is no rush to get back behind the wheel-it is not something you should feel pressured into doing.

It is important to be in the right state of mind and to be confident of your ability behind the wheel.

Don’t avoid the site

Everyone is different but think carefully before you change your driving patterns to avoid the place where the accident happened.

Changing your route to avoid where the incident occurred isn’t always productive and may not help you – it could even escalate the issue.

Take a friend

When you first get back in the car consider taking another person with you for support.

Process what happened

The important thing is to understand what happened, learn from it where you can and then move forward and start enjoying driving again.

Learn and grow from the experience

Working out the factors that contributed to the crash and analysing what went wrong can help you become a safer and better driver.

Ask for help

If your confidence has been seriously affected then it might be a good idea to see your GP.

While a post incident intervention course, or counselling, can be good option to help restore confidence and allay fears.

Been involved in a collision and had to regain your confidence? We’d love to hear how you got back behind the wheel.

Send us an email via or use the comments section below.

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