Reasons to keep kids out of the front seat

Reasons to keep kids out of the front seat

Children are much safer in the back

Parents are being urged once again not to rush the graduation of children out of the backseat.

It might seem more practical, or easier to allow a child to sit up front with you, however experts say the chances of a child being seriously injured or killed increases if they are in the passenger seat.

So, the backseat is the safety place for children to travel.

Kidsafe says anyone under 12 should travel in the backseat.

Here’s some good reasons to keep kids out of the front seat:

It may be illegal

Just because your child doesn’t need a booster seat doesn’t mean they can legally travel in the front. Check your local state/territory regulations first.

Statistics prove the dangers

Crash statistics show children in the front seat sustained more severe injuries than kids in the backseat.

Children are also 40% less likely to be seriously injured when properly restrained in the back seat.

Airbags don’t make it safe

In fact, it’s the airbags fitted to the passenger side of your car that can prove one of the biggest dangers to children.

Passenger-side airbags are designed to deploy in such a way as to provide maximum protection to an adult, not a child-sized human.

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