Powerall Portable Power Bank Review

Powerall Portable Power Bank Review

Simon Lai reviews a handy back-up power source.

Powerall Portable Power Bank Review
The Powerall unit can charge your mobile and jump-start your car!

Nothing annoys me more than my smartphone running out of battery. And it always seems to happen when you need it most.

There are a number of power banks available nowadays allowing you to recharge your phone or iPod on the go without the need for a mains socket.

But the Powerall portable power bank does more than that.

The Powerall is a lithium battery pack that can charge phones and other portable electronic devices through the USB port, two simultaneously in fact. You can charge most popular devices as the case comes with a selection of adaptor plugs including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and micro USB.

To start charging, you just press the large power button till the red light comes on. Depressing the button also provides an indication of the remaining battery life.

Holding down the power button reveals the Powerall’s second function. It possesses a very bright LED flashlight which is something missing from the smaller varieties of power banks. The light it provides is more than sufficient in an emergency and another press of the button will cycle to a flashing strobe.

But the pièce de résistance is the unit’s ability to jump start a car battery. The Powerall’s battery is powerful enough to recharge a flat battery on at least 50% capacity. A set of jumper leads with clamps are supplied which plug straight into the unit eliminating the need to ask a kind stranger for help. The Powerall can do this up to 20 times (but hopefully you won’t need it so often).

The powerbank itself can be recharged through a mains power adaptor or a 12V car adaptor.

The Powerall and all its accessories come a relatively small carry case which is shouldn’t take up too much space in the boot. A practical and portable asset for those little emergencies.

The Powerall portable power bank is RRP $179.99 and is available from auto accessories stores, tool suppliers and battery specialists.

For more info check out the Powerall website.

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