Power company to build huge EV charging station network

San Diego Gas & Electric to build thousands of EV charging stations…

Power company to build huge EV charging station network

A power company in California has committed to installing thousands of electric vehicle charging stations within its coverage area in a bid to help the environment.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has just filed a series of proposals with the California Public Utilities Commission to install up to 90,000 electric vehicle charging stations.

The power company say they want to encourage the transition to EVs.

As part of the network installation the power company plans to install charging stations at residential homes, San Diego International Airport, and for commercial vehicle operators and taxi fleets in areas such as the Port of San Diego.

“SDG&E has spent more than a decade reducing our carbon footprint through the rapid expansion of clean energy.” said Caroline Winn, chief operating officer of SDG&E.

“We all want to breathe cleaner air, which means slowing down the impacts of climate change will require an increased focus on the areas that produce the most harmful emissions,”

“We are committed as a business and a community partner to improving lives by developing meaningful solutions.”

More than 40% of the power currently supplied to customers by SDG&E comes from renewable resources.


  1. Excellent. This will really boost the electric cars into mainstream society and reduce carbon emissions. I’m surprised they didn’t think of this a long time ago.

  2. I am so happy with this good news. I hope all of us and many countries will have this experience. Cleaner air and less pollution.

  3. This is awesome news for electric vehicle owners and the environment. It is really time to care for the environment, decrease carbon emission and help slow down climate change.

  4. I love this idea! It’s so “the future.” If only we can have that same thing here in the Philippines. I doubt it though because of all the factors that need to be considered.

    I’m really all for environment friendly vehicles! <3

  5. While I am not up-to-date with car technology, I like the idea of promoting EVs. It’s awesome how alternative energy is being made available to the public and it’s great to hear that this will help the environment.

  6. I think this article is very enlightening and shows that the automobile industry is moving in the right direction. If we start breathing in cleaner air it will help make our planet more sustainable for years to come.

  7. Wow this is good news! The only way for EVs to be fully penetrate the auto industry is to have supporting structures, like in this case, charging stations. For how consumers buy EVs if they will be having a hard time looking for a charging station, right?

  8. I wish they will bring this technology to developing countries. They’re the ones who are big consumers of coal and fossil fuels.

  9. This is a must now slowly but surely since EV’s are now gaining popularity bit by bit. However EV is not taking over any time soon.

  10. California is on the way to become word’s first location where there is a serious effort to build charging stations for EV. I think rest of the world will now follow in it’s foot steps.

  11. This is a great way to promote the use of electric vehicles. If such vehicles would become more affordable, many would definitely opt to own one. Oil companies won’t like that though!

  12. This will make owning an electric vehicle much more worth it! Especially on a nationwide scale. A buddy of mine owns one of those cars but he is never confident to take it out of state because of worry of not finding a place to recharge should it be needed.

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