Peter Hitchener tours Mazda’s Heritage Collection

A look inside Mazda HQ where some classic Mazda cars are proudly on display…

Peter Hitchener tours Mazda's Heritage Collection

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to collect every car I like the look of. I have fallen in love with more vehicles than I can remember since car design captured by imagination as a child.

It’s a hobby most of us can’t indulge for lack of funds.

So, it comes as a welcome surprise that one of our major car companies, Mazda Australia, is quietly purchasing and restoring dozens of its landmark models, for display at company offices around the country.

Let me share with you a couple of the cars I glimpsed recently at Mazda’s Melbourne head office.

How extraordinary is the tiny 3 wheel truck, the T600 – quite historic too, as it was the first Mazda model to be sold in Australia back in 1960. It looks brand new, not 57 years old!

Peter Hitchener tours Mazda's Heritage Collection

Here’s one that was unbelievably modern when it was hatched in the 1960s, how about those ‘space age’ overtones!

In fact, it looks like it’s breaking the sound barrier even though it is standing still.

This Mazda Cosmo dates from 1967, but still looks impossibly cool to this day.

A collector in the United States recently paid $300,000 for one in mint condition, so I’d better keep saving!

Peter Hitchener tours Mazda's Heritage Collection

If you prefer something a bit more affordable and contemporary, how about one of these?

A couple of specially prepared competitors for the Global MX-5 Cup.

Peter Hitchener tours Mazda's Heritage Collection

But the showstopper this time must be the glorious and tiny Mazda 600.

It is beyond cute. If you haven’t seen one yet, take a look.

Peter Hitchener tours Mazda's Heritage Collection

The 600, which dates from the early 1960s, makes today’s micro cars look like hulking giants.

Its toy car dimensions and beautiful design are captivating… I just wish I could fit into it!

Peter Hitchener tours Mazda's Heritage Collection

There is more to see in this rotating collection, which I hope to explore with you in coming months for!

In the meantime, full marks to Mazda Australia for having the passion to preserve its heritage, and devoting the resources needed to display these wonderful vehicles.


  1. Oh man, I felt like I have gone back in time looking at those vintage cars. The three-wheel truck is so cool but the Mazda Cosmo is drool-worthy.

  2. Retro feels. Looking at it, this is the first time I’ve seen some of the oldest cars of Mazda. The one tire front is so cute!

  3. A very good collection of cute little old wonders. It’s great that they are preserved for posterity. I especially like the 600 with Peter standing next to it.

  4. Peter, you look great in all of the photos. I know I would be all smiles if I were to tour on one of my favorite car brand. Mazda Australia is really amazing especially in featuring super cute Mazda 600.

  5. Wow! Quite the collection of vintage cars. The T600 looks very neat with only three wheels and is probably my favourite of the set. Being as small as I am though I think the 600 would be just the right size for me.

  6. I love vintage cars! But I’ve never thought of Mazda when it comes to vintage cars. Lovely collection, I must say. The 600 has that Mr. Bean vibe to it!

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