One in ten car buyers happy to buy sight unseen

One in ten car buyers happy to buy sight unseen

BBC study finds not all UK car buyers need to ‘kick the tyres’…

The cliché of a car being your ‘second largest purchase’ seems to be lost on some car buyers, that’s if the results of a new study are to be believed.

The study, conducted by the BBC in the UK, found one in ten car buyers are happy to purchase a car without actually seeing the vehicle in the flesh.

But there is a catch, we’re talking about cars being sold by dealerships.

The research comes as another new online car buying service kicks-off in the UK.

Following on from Hyundai UK’s dabble in online sales (details here), used cars are now being offered online via the UK’s Exchange and Mart/Automotive Media.

The business telling us that their service, which links dealerships with car buyers, will help save up to 80% of the time it currently takes to purchase a used car.

Commercial director, Sal Ciullo, says the service is great news for buyers and dealerships.

“Whilst this sounds like it could be the dealer’s enemy, it’s not.

“What we’re doing is attracting customers who already have a dislike for the old-style sales process and giving them everything they need to buy the dealers’ car online.

“There is a major need for this today given the overwhelming research that shows our younger audience and female buyers’ dislike for the old routine”.

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