No 2018 Honda Accord for UK

2018 Honda Accord

Key RHD market misses out

We’ve been keeping you updated on the progress of the new 10th generation Honda Accord, now though comes news that may have a big impact on the vehicle in Australia.

As we have already reported, Honda Australia is keen to get the all-new car here, however nothing is confirmed at this stage.

The official line from Honda on the new Accord is that they are in the early stages of working on a business case for bringing the new Accord here.

We will keep you updated as further Honda Accord News comes to hand.

The local arrival of the model may have been dealt a blow overnight with Honda in the UK saying they have no plans to sell the new Honda Accord there.

The Honda Accord hasn’t featured in the Honda UK line-up since 2015 and it doesn’t look like coming back any time soon.

According to this report from the UK motoring publication, Auto Express, Honda has made the decision to avoid the new Accord because European buyers are increasingly turning away from traditional saloons (sedans).

As is the case in Australia, Crossovers/SUV are the flavour of the month among UK car buyers.

In saying that though, Honda in Australia has found a strong customer base for the recently-launched new-gen Civic (sales are up more than 350% this year!).

While the Honda Jazz found more than 1100 customers last month – nearly 14% more than June 2016.

Check out more details on the new 10th generation Honda Accord.

Should Honda Australia bother with the new Accord? Would you consider a sedan model like the new Accord next time you buy a car? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I would buy a new 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T immediately. It’s a great car, and Honda have dragged the chain on turbos for family side sedans.

  2. How about Honda Australia work with Honda UK and Honda Japan on Building a smaller bodied version that’s available in Right Hand Drive with a 2 litre turbo, proper auto and manual gearbox, sedan and wagon. So basically a new Euro but I think that’ be most suitable for our market

  3. This is a brilliant car.

    It’s amazing how this car enjoys chart topping sales in the huge US market but can’t make a mark on the Aussie market. Honda Australia have long disappointed in the way they market and pitch these vehicles to the public.

    Finally, given they are starting to gain some traction with the Civic I think this is the right time to launch the Accord and solidify Honda’s name again in the Australian market as a serious quality car manufacturer.

    Not everyone wants SUVs. My wife recently got a new CRV. As good as it is, the high centre of gravity just doesn’t offer the great driving dynamics of a lower sedan. I would buy the new Accord the minute it landed here

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