Nissan shows off ultra-powerful three-cylinder engine


Turbo engine delivers 294kW/380Nm!

While hybrids and electric cars have stolen much of the limelight in recent years, there’s no doubting the traditional internal combustion engine has also come a long way in recent times.

The trend has been the squeezing out of more and more power and torque from smaller capacity engines and the results, such as what we have seen with the Ford EcoBoost engine range, have been ultra-impressive.

Now Nissan has shown off a light-weight, high-output three-cylinder petrol engine that will feature in a Nissan racing car that will compete at Le Mans this year.

Check out details on the Nissan ZEOD petrol engine…

The car will also feature electric drive, but the petrol engine, which weighs only 40kgs, will take-over when the vehicles batteries become depleted.

One of the secrets of the engines success is the reduction of friction, Nissan’s Global Motorsport Director Darren Cox, has paid tribute to the team who developed the engine.

“Our engine team has done a truly remarkable job with the internal combustion engine,”

“We’re aiming to maintain our position as industry leaders in focussing on downsizing. Lessons learned from the development of the engine will be seen in Nissan road cars of the future.”

Nissan shows off ultra-powerful three-cylinder engine
The engine will be used in the Nissan ZEOD (Zero Emissions On Demand) RC (Racing Car).

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