Nissan Commits to Weight Reductions

Nissan Commits to Weight Reductions

Nissan will look to introduce weight-saving measures to its cars.

It’s a little late for a New Year’s weight loss resolution, yet Nissan has committed to making leaner and lighter cars in 2016.

Nissan today told Behind the Wheel Car News that it intends to work towards an even more efficient range of cars for Australian buyers, this year and into the future, and it sees weight-reduction as the most common sense first step.

Nissan’s ‘Lightweighting Programme’ will focus on a new lightweight floor technology.

David Moss is the Vice President of Vehicle Design & Development at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe, he says space age technology from motorsport and aerospace is being tailored for use in Nissan cars.

“We know the cars of the future will need to be lighter, stronger and more efficient, which is why we are launching our prototype programme in collaboration with research and industry bodies.

“This programme intends to produce a new manufacturing process that will revolutionise the industry.”

So how much weight are we talking? Well Nissan reckons they will be able to get the X-TRAIL down by 90kgs soon, the QASHQAI could be in line for a 40kg weight loss.

We will keep you updated.

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