Next-gen Kia Sorento looms

Next-gen Kia Sorento looms

Third-generation Kia Sorento to be unveiled next month.

Next-gen Kia Sorento looms
Kia has given the Sorento a sharp new look.

The Kia Sorento is in line for a major make-over with the third-generation of the SUV to be shown-off in South Korea next month.

Kia today released these images of the new Sorento, as you can see the new styling cuts a much more modern and sporty figure than the current edition.

With a lower roof-line, more muscular stance and deeply sculpted body surfaces, Kia says the new Sorento raise the aesthetic sophistication of the model.

Further details on the new Sorento will be confirmed when the model is officially launched next month.

Joel Helmes