January 9, 2019

Interesting facts about Aboriginal art prints

Aboriginal art is the oldest form of artistic expression in the world. Here we discover interesting facts worth knowing about Aboriginal art prints. Each artist has a story to tell All Aboriginal works tell a story. Most of Aboriginal art prints are based on an individual artist’s journey, which may involve his parents, tribe, daily chores such as fishing, or rites and ceremonies. In some cases, the art reflects the heartache associated with a stolen generation. Artists need permission to paint a specific story. Aboriginal artists cannot paint a story that does not come from their tribe. If they try to paint a story involving historical or sacred information, they must obtain permission before they can proceed. It is important for every artist to stick to the history and artistic techniques born of his tribe. Little dots are not equal to Aboriginal art Aboriginal art requires education. There is an abundance of knowledge to be learned before engaging in Aboriginal art prints. Often tourists may think these are just dots and fine lines. This is a myth. Only artists from certain tribes can adopt the dot technique. What technique the artist can use depends on the origin and tribe of a given artist. For example, the Kulin nation, which includes five different tribes, may not be allowed to use the dotting technique because it is not in their tribe’s culture. In Raintree Art online store, you can find beautiful Aboriginal art prints and paintings in various sizes and colours painted by 17 different aboriginal artists- each of them with their unique style.