triplewax bumper shine
Car Product of the Week

Triplewax Bumper Shine

Washing a car, washing it properly, involves more than a sponge and a bucket. Sure, you have to get all the dirt and grime off (and use the right car wash products in the process), […]

carplan ultra glass cleaner
Car Product of the Week

CarPlan Ultra Glass Cleaner

Clean glass doesn’t just make your car look better, it’s also a safety feature! If you can’t see properly out of your vehicle then you’re at a disadvantage before you even turn the key. Clean […]

t-cut power wash
Car Product of the Week

T-Cut Power Wash

Using a poor quality car wash is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. You not only have to work harder to get the dirt and grime removed from your vehicles paintwork, plastics […]

alpena led litz strips
Car Product of the Week

Alpena LED Litz Strip

In recent years we’ve seen LED daytime running lights become a legal requirement on cars across many nations. And there’s a very good reason why these small, yet bright lights are becoming a necessity. Simply, […]