A new way to test drive cars with TheCarTest

Have you ever wanted to really try out a new car before you buy? Sometimes a test drive can be all too brief.

Sure, you can go to an awesome car review website like, say, www.behindthewheel.com.au, but reading about a car isn’t quite the same as driving it yourself.

TheCarTest gives consumers the opportunity to drive the car of their desire for up to a week allowing to try before they buy under a standard rental agreement.

A charge is incurred to drive your chosen vehicle but this fee is subtracted from the price of the car if you decide to purchase it.

This discount is then available for 6 month while the potential buyer makes up their mind.

If you prefer to have the system explained via a cute animation, check out the YouTube clip below.

TheCarTest has signed agreements with some of Australia’s major motoring brands including Suzuki but is looking to get more manufacturers on board.

Creator and CEO Christian Schaefer says TheCarTest is a great way to promote models not often considered and let their products sell themselves through the extended test drive.

Mr Schaefer adds that initiative will help brands put their cars front and centre especially in a market flooded with models.

“TheCarTest will ensure your brand remains top of consumer’s minds and is a value-add opportunity for automotive manufacturers and dealers.”

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  1. For any comments or further questions about how “TheCarTest” works, please feel welcome to leave a comment here or to learn more please register your car of choice you wish to test drive under a brand new, consumer-first experience, go to – http://www.thecartest.com.au.

    I would like to thank BehindTheWheel.com.au for the press article and look forward to working with the team and your automotive audience for many years to come!

    Many thanks,
    Christian Schaefer
    Founder & CEO – TheCarTest

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