Navman MY660LMT Review

We road test and review the latest new Navman GPS…

Navman MY660LMT Review

I’m always surprised at just how much technology Navman manages to squeeze into its products, especially at such reasonable pricing.

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have sat-nav, and/or Bluetooth, then an investment in a unit such as the Navman MY660LMT is a must.

And with an RRP of just $249, well…that’s a lot of convenience without a big outlay!

Navman sent us out one of their new units to road test for a few days and again I was more than satisfied with how the unit operates.

The MY660LMT is a larger unit, so make sure you position it in a safe place on your windscreen where your view wont be blocked.

The 6” touchscreen though does give the advantage of having larger font and larger buttons and that is certainly a help and an advantage over the smaller units.

Navman MY660LMT Review
We found the Navman MY660LMT easy to navigate and use.

From a road safety perspective, you can easily sync your phone and use the Bluetooth system to make calls on the go, hands free.

While the Navman MY660LMT also gives you speed sign info on the go.

That means if you’re caught in a situation where you have missed the speed sign for the area you are driving through, you just glance at the screen and your speed limit is displayed.

This unit also gives you spoken safety alerts too, such as school zone notifications.

While the live traffic info is also a great addition and a potential time and fuel-saver.

As we know, a good sat-nav system is easy to program and that’s exactly what I found with this Navman.

The unit very quickly found my destination and then it was just a matter of pressing ‘OK’.

With very reasonable pricing, a quality feel, easy to use operation and plenty of features, this is another Navman offering that is really hard to fault.


  1. Not very in depth, also note that Navman often does not have the latest speed limits. And as with all know your route before you start as there can be some very tortuous routes, eg: through the centre of Blacktown and Parramatta rather that using the M7 (fastest, easiest) which was not given as an option.

  2. Useless, screen can’t be read in sunlight conditions due to glare. Navman say to turn up brightness when necessary, doesn’t help and also say due not use on high brightness for periods of time as unit can get very hot. Might be alright on heavily clouded day but stay away from. Mine is being returned to Navman as a brick.

  3. Yeah, David Know what you mean.Living in South East Queensland with a lot of sunshine hours ( not today though) have found the screen vision to be very poor in sunlight.mine is mounted in the middle of my dash and because I drive a 2014 Elantra Trophy they have a very wide and sloping screen, Lets in a lot of light.This is my third Navman in 6yrs.My660LMT has a great large screen (if you can read it) but the most negative point is the volume setting.My last MY65t had great volume which you could hear with the window down and radio up at 100ks.the 660 is on full tit and its a whisper!!! Have to wind up window and turn off the radio to get directions by voice.Thinking about taking it back to Harvey Norman and swapping for a TomTom as we have these installed in our fleet of vehicles at work.found them easy and precise to use.

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