Navman MY650LMMT Review

Navman MY650LMMT Review
Navman MY650LMMT

Joel Helmes reviews the Navman MY650LMMT GPS.

Navman MY650LMMT Review
Navman MY650LMMT Review – this Navman GPS unit has an easy to use menu system.

The team at Navman Australia have been kind enough to send us out one of their new Navman MY650LMMT GPS units to test and once again I am quite impressed with a Navman product.

With a recommended retail price of just $199 (Aus) this new unit from Navman is also quite affordable.

Featuring the same easy to use software as other Navman GPS units (as reviewed here), install, set-up and use is very simple. The key test with all GPS/sat-nav units (even those installed in new cars) is how easy it is to find your destination.

Navman knows this and that’s why looking up an address via the menu system is intuitive and easy.

But, disappointingly, as this video shows – the voice command function for the Navman MY 650LMMT was almost a complete waste of time…

On a more positive note, this latest Navman GPS has a bright and easy to read screen, the touchscreen is sensitive enough, without being oversensitive, and I didn’t notice any lag from the software when a button was pushed.

In-built features in this unit include Landmark Guidance Plus which even shows brand names of buildings you are passing by and, quite impressively, 3D landmarks such as bridges and train stations.

Navman MY650LMMT Review
Navman MY650LMMT Review – the navigation maps are easy to read.

A restaurant guide, live traffic updates, free lifetime map updates, and Bluetooth connectivity (which allows you use your phone handsfree in the car) complete the other main features of this unit.

Lastly, the Navman MY650LMMT comes with easy to understand and non-intrusive voice direction commands. Have a listen here…

Summing it up; this new Navman GPS packs a whole lot of technology into a compact and affordable unit.

The voice commands were a letdown, but with an easy to program menu system that you can use instead, that isn’t a good enough reason to look past the Navman MY650LMMT.


  1. I’ve had lots of problems with mine. Difficulty connect to the iPhone 5, low volume rendering it useless as a handsfree device, slow to pick up signal (kilometres later….still waiting), doesn’t remember it has already paired with the iphone and have to do it again – and that was difficult in the first place. really unhappy. Is the device faulty – well I took the last one back thinking that might be the case

  2. The most frustrating, slow inaccurate piece of junk, the software is glitchy at best and the trip planner is an absolute joke it is really only functional for A to B. I will never buy another navman this is disgusting.

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