Navman MiVue 630 Dashcam Review

We road test and review one of the smallest dashcam offerings…

Navman MiVue 630 Dashcam Review

A few months back we took a look at the new range of Navman MiVue models at their launch. So now it’s time to have a closer squiz at two of them starting with the Navman MiVue 630 dashcam.

With a Full HD 1080p resolution the 630 is small and compact making it easy work for the large suction cup mount.

Square in shape, it sits neatly and inconspicuously on the windscreen and is really all you need out of a dashcam.

Navman MiVue 630 Dashcam ReviewSure it doesn’t have a big screen, but this is really only handy for positioning the camera in the right direction and with a wide angle lens you won’t need much fine adjustment to capture all in view.

The MiVue 630 records onto the micro SD card in 3 minute intervals and stores the time and coordinates from the GPS tracking.

You can snap a digital photo or force the recording of a significant event both of which are stored in separate folders.

But of course the G-sensor fitted in the unit will detect any abrupt motion and save any incriminating footage in the event of an accident.

All modes are controlled by the four multi-function buttons on the side with their current functions easily identifiable through corresponding on-screen symbols.

Navman MiVue 630 Dashcam ReviewWhile the MiVue 630 doesn’t record with any sound, what it does have is optimised day and night recording and memory management tool.

One thing I can never understand is why designers make it so the power cord hangs up when you plug in the mini USB socket instead of hanging intuitively downwards.

Aside from that the Navman MiVue 630 dashcam is a fantastic little unit that caters for all your basic recording needs.

The Mivue 630 is priced at $199 and is available from major electronic retailers, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys.


  1. This is months old, but I thought I might add a few things.
    Firstly, my 630 does record sound, it’s just really quiet. This is actually a good thing as it makes the sound clear and undistorted. Secondly, unlike other units (MiVue 358, and Clearview) that work well for a couple of weeks (12 hours per week) and then die, my 630 has been going strong for more than six months, baking in the hot Aussie summer sun. Briefly as a rear cam, then as a front cam. The sucker never worked so I had to cut off and drill the balljoint so it would screw onto a generic suck-mount-arm-thing. With a SanDisk 32GB, I have had no data problems. About once a fortnight, the unit fails to boot and I have to cycle the power plug. Incidently, the plug faces up because the cable is meant to loop over the mount. I would recommend the MiVue 630.

  2. Recently purchased a Navman MiVue 630 only because my MiVue 680 failed to work after only 6mth of use.
    The 630 is a rock solid little cam without all the unnecessary options the others have.
    Highly recommend

  3. Navman Dashcams hold a 1/3 of the memory card for emergency so out of 64Gb only 43Gb is used for recording so at 1080P will only give you 6 hours then it starts to deleting the first recordings. with other dashcams you turn off the loop and change the card.
    I purchased a Navman Dashcam & returned it 2days later not good for Truck Drivers you can’t turn off the loop so it keeps wiping out all the data from the start of the day. your better getting another brand.
    With navman you can’t turn the loop off so if you need to use the video you better hope it hasn’t been deleted. navman will only give you 6 hours of recording on a 64Gb micro card most truck drivers don’t only drive for 6 hours. NAVMAN DASHCAM NOT A good product. I have owned a few Navman navigators I don’t have a problem with the navigators if you a serious don’t buy a navman !!!!

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