Navman EZY260LMT Review

Navman EZY260LMT Review

Joel Helmes reviews the latest new Navman device.

Navman EZY260LMT Review
Navman EZY260LMT Review – the unit features large and easy to read graphics and buttons.

The guys at Navman sent us their latest new unit to review – the Navman Ezy260LMT.

Featuring a five-inch colour touchscreen and a whole heap of built in features, the recommended retail price of the unit is just $169.

What are those features? Well, you get free lifetime map updates and spoken safety alerts, such as when there is a speed camera coming up, accident blackspots or school zones and the like, very handy!

It doesn’t stop there, this Navman is also a Bluetooth hands-free unit and that means that if your car doesn’t have hands-free, this unit does it for you. Simply sync your phone to the Navman EZY260LMT and the unit allows you to take and make calls on the go.

Navman EZY260LMT Review
Navman EZY260LMT Review – the maps are easy to follow.

Not bad for $169 is it? Well, what I also like about it are a couple of other features; Live traffic updates and a digital logbook. The traffic updates can be a real time saver and the digital logbook is a great feature to have if you drive for a living.

Best of all, set-up is easy, it comes with the windscreen mount and charger cord. Once you have your unit in a safe and convenient location you simply turn it on, go through a coupe of quick settings and away you go.

The menu system couldn’t be easier to use and program, especially with the two large ‘Find’ and ‘Map’ buttons, the spoken alerts are clear and loud and the screen is very touch-sensitive and quick to respond.

Again, I can’t see anything about the Navman EZY260LMT that I didn’t like and I’m thoroughly impressed that such a functional, handy and stress-free little unit is so well-priced.

Navman EZY260LMT Review
Navman EZY260LMT Review – heaps of functions built-in.

You can purchase this and other Navman unit online via the Navman website.

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