Navman Drive Duo SUV Review

Navman Drive Duo SUV Review

We go on the launch of the latest release from Navman…

With the growing popularity of SUV ownership in Australia, Navman is catering to the needs of the weekend off roader.

Out now is the Navman Drive Duo SUV, a combination GPS and dashcam system, which as the name suggests, is targeted towards SUV, or 4WD drivers.

What makes it unique are 4WD track maps preloaded into the unit alongside the regular maps sourced from a variety of map data

Unsealed tracks not usually marked on maps, along with 7000+ camp sites, toilets and points of interest are laid out giving all the info you’ll need if you go bush.

But for me the real upgrade to this model is the adjustable camera.

There are other GPS/dsahcams out there like the Hema HX-1 Navigator and other Navman models, but none have an articulated camera that is rotatable to select the desired angle.

Navman Drive Duo SUV ReviewThe camera moves independently with adjustable pitch and even more horizontal range of movement which comes in handy when you adjust the angle of the screen or if you place the GPS on the left or the right.

An f1.8 aperture, 2K Full HD wide angle lens provides high quality images and lower light capabilities.

Footage is stored on the inbuilt 8GB storage or an additional micro SD card. Another micro SD card slot is available for extra map data.

As with most dashcams, the Drive Duo will record when powered, on command or in the incident of a collision triggered by the G-shock sensor.

Your whole recorded trip can be viewed on the downloadable MiVUE Manager and not only give you an idea of your progress and location with GPS coordinates but also give you valuable information in the event of an accident such as speed, time of course as well as g-forces two calculate the direction you were hit.

Navman Drive Duo SUV ReviewOther neat safety features on the device are ADAS including front collision and lane departure warnings plus driver fatigue alert and comprehensive driver alerts such as overtaking lanes, sharp bends, merging lanes or steep inclines/declines.

If you do go off the beaten track you may be towing a trailer or caravan and the unit can account for that with large vehicle assist.

Enter the overall dimensions and the guidance will advise you the safest and easiest route to accommodate for your new size and weight.

The Drive Duo SUV is multi-lingual with 17 different dialects preloaded into the system and also has a Lonely Planet guide, Zomato Guide and landmark guidance.

All of these features are available for $479 while there’s an optional wired rear camera for $139 to cover rear collisions. Footage from this camera can be view simultaneously in the real time in MiVUE Manager.

Overall, a great choice if you want to recorded and receive guidance through some of Australia’s best bush tracks with safety features and comprehensive information all in one.

The Navman Drive Duo SUV is available from all major retailers.


  1. Hello Simon.
    Did you actually test this item? How easy is the interface to use, did you try it on an off road track, what is the real battery life like and how accurate is the speed alerts, speed camera alerts etc?
    Was the dash cam easy to download and operate and is the data accurate?
    Looking at product reviews on another site there are nothing but poor reviews and bad experiences regarding this product.

    • Hi Bill, thanks for your input. I didn’t include any greater detail in my review as we were limited by our use of the device by the manufacturer on their launch. It was basically a first look at the navigator and to inform of its capabilities. From what I could see off first impressions there were no glaring faults and functioned as expected.

  2. This unit is a piece crap i took it back and got my money back after one day trip out. As soon as you hit the dirt the unit moves around so much one minute you filming the sky next minute the dashboard. Don’t waste your money. You guys should not review until you test it.

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