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Mobile and GPS Cradle Review

Mobile and GPS Cradle Review

We review a budget-priced GPS and phone cradle

There are real safety and convenience benefits from having your satellite-navigation unit or mobile phone securely fastened in a cradle.

For an outlay of just $6.99 this unit imported into Australia by UBL really impressed.

The first impression I had when I unpacked the unit was that the cradle actually had a nice sturdy feel about it.

Mobile and GPS Cradle Review
Do you need to spend more than $7 on a GPS and phone cradle?

With the suction cup in the unlock position I pushed the unit onto the windscreen and placed it back in the locked position.

Probably the only complaint I had was that it’s just a little fiddly getting the phone or GPS into the unit, but with quite a strong spring action my phone felt quite secure.

Mobile and GPS Cradle Review
The cradle has a surprising quality feel about it.
Mobile and GPS Cradle Review
It easily attached to the windscreen and never felt like coming off.
Mobile and GPS Cradle Review
It’s a little fiddly getting the phone in, but once there it’s quite secure.

Verdict: The small purchase price had me worried, but I must say I was very impressed with this product.

The suction cup held firmly to the windscreen (it also comes with an adaptor with double-sided tape to stick the cradle to a smooth surface such as a dashboard) and the phone never looked like shaking itself free of the cradle.

The 360 degree adjustment from a ‘ball-joint’ type arm only adds to the functionality.

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