Mitsubishi Magna with mistaken identity!

Peter Hitchener has to look twice after spotting this Magna...

Mitsubishi Magna with mistaken identity!

I saw the familiar BMW badges on a vehicle in a city car park recently. There it was, one of the world’s most recognisable logos, BMW’s blue, black and white rotating propeller roundel.

The badges looked stylish indeed on the gleaming white duco.. but wait! Despite the signage, this wasn’t a model from BMW’s Munich headquarters!

On closer inspection, the car revealed itself as a re-badged Mitsubishi Magna Executive V6, a kind of BMW-ubishi!

It must have been an exacting job. Not only were the badges replaced front and rear, but there was even one proudly mounted on the steering wheel.

Here was a vehicle that has gone gloriously upmarket in one fell swoop, in a simple act of re-badging.

Mitsubishi Magna with mistaken identity! It’s more common than you might think, this notion of adding-to or changing a model that the manufacturer was perfectly happy with in the first place. Car owners have been doing it for years.

Recently on the Behind the Wheel podcast, Rob Vickery of the Horsepower Factory told us he has  been providing performance upgrades to car owners around Australia for three decades (catch the podcast here).

Rob and his team work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes; Holden, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi… just about anything.

It’s not unusual for a motorist to spend $5 thousand or more to tune up performance, improve handling or modify the exhaust system of their beloved car.

A well-heeled owner paid more than one hundred thousand for a Holden Commodore rebuild and makeover.

There’s even a number of owners of the increasingly popular twin-cab utes like Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and the Nissan Navara are personalising their cars.

Trends come and go, and he has seen many things over the years… but so far, Rob has never been asked to re-badge a Magna as a BMW!

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