Mazda2 or Toyota Corolla?

Mazda2 or Toyota Corolla?
2015 Mazda2

Behind the Wheel listener Clair is in the market for a hatchback.

Mazda2 or Toyota Corolla?
Mazda2 or Toyota Corolla? Clair wants to know which hatchback to buy.

Everyone tells me that the Toyota Corolla is the best car you can buy, but I kind of like the Mazda2 styling. What do you guys suggest?

Peter Hitchener – I have no doubt both the Toyota Corolla and Mazda2 are good quality vehicles that will hold their value nicely for you. There’s no reason not to buy either, take them both for a good, long test drive, get in and out a few times, park each one and try to use them on the test drive as close to what you would during your regular motoring routine. This might help you identify which one is the more enjoyable to own and live with.

Simon Lai – I don’t think you can go past the Toyota Corolla here Clair. You won’t regret having the more powerful Corolla engine and the extra size of the Toyota is sure to make life a bit easier. The Toyota vehicle also has a five-star safety rating, the Mazda2 gets just four-stars. If you are open to other suggestions then I reckon check out the Hyundai i30. I think it looks better than Corolla and comes with five-star safety, five-year warranty and lifetime capped-price servicing too.

Chris Miller – There is definitely a fair size difference between the Corolla and Mazda2. In the smaller category the Mazda2 is a good product, I’m also a fan of the Volkswagen Polo and I reckon you should take it for a test drive before making a final decision. If you want to go for the larger model then you can’t go wrong with a Corolla. Of course, in that same category is the Mazda3, Volkswagen Golf (our Car of the Year in 2014) and the Hyundai i30, all are quality products.

Joel – There is no doubt both vehicles are well-built and are sure to give years of trouble-free service. The Corolla is a little bigger than the Mazda2 though Clair, especially for passengers in the rear. The Corolla also has a more powerful engine, five-star safety and starts from up to $5,000 more. If none of those are serious issues to you then it really comes down to your styling preference, where, by the sound of it, the Mazda2 has an advantage. I recommend though that if you do go for the Mazda that you spend the extra dollars and grab the Mazda2 Maxx, this one comes with a more powerful 81kW/141Nm engine.

Let us know which way you go Clair.

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