Majority of car owners looking to make a change

Our latest web poll finds many car owners looking to change brands…

Majority of car owners looking to make a change

The results of our latest web poll have come as a bit of a surprise with the majority of you telling us you are going to change car brands next time you buy a new car.

We thought we would find more loyalty between car owners and brands, however the poll, which asked – Will you choose a different car brand next time you get a new car? found only 21% would stick with their current manufacturer.

The majority of respondents, 36%, said they would be making a change next time around.

While 23% opted for the ‘Maybe’ option and 19% of poll respondents ticked the box for ‘Not sure’.

Behind the Wheel Editor Joel Helmes says the results didn’t come out as expected.

“We thought about 50% of respondents would go for the option representing sticking with their current car manufacturer.

“The results show that people are willing to look elsewhere to ensure they get a car that meets their needs and tastes and that’s probably not a bad thing for them, or the car manufacturers.”

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