Lexus shows new butterfly-inspired paint shade

15-year research project brings striking new Lexus colour

lexus lc coupe 2018 structural blue

Animals have inspired car designers from day one, perhaps even the odd insect has also had a hand in the development of different car models?

But we’ve never heard of the humble butterfly having a presence in the car industry…until now.

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Lexus tell us this new paint colour (shown above and below) was inspired by a butterfly’s wing.

Called ‘Structural Blue’ the paint shade is the result of a 15-year study into new paint colours and technologies by Lexus.

The sports/luxury car company telling us the colour came from the American Morpho butterfly which is renowned for the deep, shimmering blue of its wings.

structural blue lexus butterflyThe first Lexus model that will boast Structural Blue will be the LC coupe, and that will be from early in 2018.

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