LASER Power Bank CJ6000 Review

LASER Power Bank CJ6000 Review

Never be short of a charge or a jump start…

If you’re an IT geek, like me, you’d be aware that LASER was once known for blank CDs, floppy disks and other PC paraphernalia.

But now the brand has branched out to other technologies including power banks.

In a day and age where our lives depend on having a full battery, running low is a minor emergency (okay, I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean) so having a potable charger is a life saver.

The LASER Power Bank CJ6000 is that and more with a USB socket and supplied charging cable with 3 sockets in 1 including Micro USB, lightning and 30pin iPod at 2.1 amps.

LASER Power Bank CJ6000 ReviewBut being able to charge your smartphone and other devices is pretty standard for a power bank as the minimum expectation.

The CJ6000 has enough juice to jump start your car in the unfortunate event of a flat battery.

Gone is the need to hunt down a good samaritan in the car park in the hope they have some jumper leads and to beg them for their kindness.

The package comes with a set of jumper cables which you hook up to the terminals.

No need for another vehicle, or even knowing the correct procedure, you’ll be turning the ignition and on your way in no time.

Check out the video below of the LASER Power Bank CJ6000 starting up a flat car battery.

LASER Power Bank CJ6000 ReviewYou can carry this car jump starter in the glovebox or even your pocket. Power, portability and convenience.

With 6000mAh you can be assured of plenty of capacity and the Lithium battery will hold most of its charge of 6 months, perfect for its emergency purpose.

And if this isn’t enough the power bank comes with a 12V plug for charging and a built-in high intensity LED light for emergencies, with an SOS and strobe option.

The LASER Power Bank CJ6000 is available directly from LASER and retails for $79.95.

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