LASER Navig8r Pro X Review

LASER Navig8r Pro X Review

A dash cam and navigator all in one from LASER…

LASER is breaking through into other forms of technology in an expansion of their product range from the traditional computer accessories.

Exemplified by their car jump starter power bank we looked at last week, under the spotlight this time is the LASER Navig8r Pro X.

Labelled a GPS navigator, the Navig8r Pro X is actually primarily a crash cam.

The view is broad thanks to the wide angle lens with distortion correction and can handle lower light with the f2.0 aperture, recording journeys and incidents with a 4.0 megapixel camera in ultra hi-def 1296p resolution.

The Navig8r Pro X also has GPS tracking and provides speed camera and school zone alerts so drivers don’t get caught out as well as a warning for exceeding the speed limit akin to a submarine klaxon.

LASER Navig8r Pro X ReviewYour vehicle’s speed is also displayed by compared with the in-car speedo doesn’t seem right on the money and lags behind a touch.

With a compact square design, this dash cam has four multi-function buttons and is no harder to operate than other models in its category.

A press of the button and the camera view switches to a small map which is handy if you don’t have sat nav or can’t use your phone and, if like me, can manage some self-guidance.

All of this info is displayed on the small screen and while comprehensive can be cause some to squint given the distance windscreen mounting creates.

Disappointingly the box doesn’t come packaged with a complementary micro SD card to store recordings.

Footage files are saved in 1, 3 or 5 minute lengths while event files, in the case of an accident, are saved in a separate folder.

An event can be forced with the push of a button but I found the automated saving can be sensitive, responding to heavy bumps in the road.

LASER Navig8r Pro X ReviewIt is amazing what they can fit in a tiny device, fitted with several camera and recording options, but not only that, there is preinstalled software to help view coordinates, speed and location data.

Now the packaging isn’t the most important consideration but the Navig8r is presented in a non-standard shaped box with bright colours and a window a change from the traditional non-descript square variety.

Similar in design to many dash cam on the market, the Navig8r Pro X is not alike in features with additional functions and versatility.

The LASER Navig8r Pro X retails at Harvey Norman for $349.

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