Korean brands win over Female Buyers

Korean brands win over Female Buyers

US data shows women are attracted to Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

Korean brands win over Female Buyers
Korean brands win over Female Buyers – the majority of women search for sensible cars, men however like reading about cars like the Nissan GT-R.

Some interesting data on the online car shopping habits of American car buyers has been released and shows that women are much more likely to be attracted to South Korean cars.

The data comes courtesy of data service iSeeCars.com which shows that women, on the whole, are looking for vehicles that are affordable and deliver good value. For men though, the data found they mainly had a whole different set of priorities.

The Detroit Bureau reports that the number one choice for women is the Hyundai Tucson, with 66.2% of the inquiries made about the small SUV coming from women.

Jacqui Trotta from iSeeCars.com says across the spectrum the good value South Korean brands are attractive to women.

“Half of the top 10 cars women most prefer are models from Korean Hyundai or Kia brands,”

The average vehicle in the top 10 cars women searched for came in at just $14,870 with Kia models such as the Rio and Sorento popular picks.

As for men, the number one inquiry was for the Nissan GT-R, at $80,450. More than 99% of the inquiries for the 2-seat sports car were made by men. There was also a lot of online interest in the Ford F-Series truck range.

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