Know How to Accessorize Your Ride Just Enough


Comfort, concentration, convenience, and vision are some of the most important things a driver needs while on the road.

However, not all vehicles come fully equipped to give you the best of these things. Needless to mention, these things not only affect how interesting your ride is (especially during those long road trips), their inadequacy can result to automotive accidents, which are nightmares that any driver would rather not have.

Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of ways you can enhance your comfort, convenience, vision, and concentration on the road using simple accessories.

And despite the fact that your vehicle has tens of thousands of parts, you can’t run out of room for more.

Here are some tips you should read to know how to accessorize your ride just enough.

1. Consider working on the seat – add a massage cushion

As earlier mentioned, comfort is key for any driver. More often than not, drivers complain of an aching back, especially after long distance drives.

But you don’t always have to replace the entire car seat while there are some modifications you can do at a lower cost.

Simply adding a massage cushion could spare you from those horrible back pains and migraines you’ve been having at the end of the day.

There are many types of massage cushions for car seats, which come with features such as deep kneading, therapeutic heat treatment, rolling massage, and vibration massage. Drive like a boss!

2. Improve your vision with automotive LED lights

Vision is a critical element when on the road. However, most cars (especially economy cars) come with xenon and halogen headlights that don’t light bright enough, especially at night. In addition to producing more light that mimics the natural daylight, LED car lights are also more efficient and use less voltage.

Depending on your source, you can get quality automotive LED car lights at a reasonable price to improve your road safety and convenience.

3. Install a smart rearview mirror for more visibility

The smart rearview mirror is called smart for a reason. It comes with a video monitor that displays your navigation on screen, putting it in front of your eyes rather than having to look at your smartphone.

The monitor is programmed to dim and brighten depending on the surrounding light to improve visibility.

4. Get a dash cam

Thanks to camera technology, someone won’t just bump into you and claim that it was your fault.

With a dash cam installed, you can protect yourself from fraudulent accident claims and save your insurance costs. The dash cam records all incidences into a microSD card so footage can always be reviewed in case you ever face such claims.

Some will even monitor the happenings of your vehicle when not on the move, which can be helpful in case your vehicle gets vandalized.

And apart from this, you never know… your dash cam might as well capture something awesome.

5. Become a pro racer

You ever thought of riding like a pro racer? There are devices that capture all the metrics of your ride other than speed and acceleration.

With an accessory such as the G-TECH Pro RR, you will get the nitty gritty details of your ride, including acceleration (lateral and linear), torque, horsepower, mile passes (1/4), and much more.

It’s simply fun and thrilling to ride with one of those installed in your car.

6. Install a new horn

Most cars come with horns that are barely heard on the road. And to be honest, hooting always adds driving convenience, especially when riding in the busy streets of the city.

There are plenty of classy and stylish-sounding horns you can install, some of which come with extra features such as flashing beams despite being loud that they can be heard from many blocks away.

7. Tyre Pressure monitors

Yes, and you guessed right! We can’t fail to insert the “discovery of the wheel “in here. It’s the wheels that allow your vehicle to move after being powered by the rest of the motor system.

Without proper inflation levels, your tyres will wear out much faster. Additionally, riding without the proper amount of air can make your vehicle unstable and much more prone to accidents.

A tyre pressure monitor will always tell you when you need to add air to those essential rotors and ensure they stay in top shape.

And there you have it! You now have the basic things you need to know as far as accessorizing your ride is concerned.

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