How to keep your cool in your car

Get your car prepped now for the warmer months

How to keep your cool in your car

It’s Australia, the hottest and driest continent on Earth, oh and the skin cancer capital of the world too!

Couple this with often long driving distances and a love of cars and driving and it makes sense that we make our cars as hot weather friendly as possible.

Spring is about to hit across Australia and we reckon this is the perfect time to take some steps to help you, your passengers and your car get through the heat unscathed.

Our tips for helping to keep you and your car cool and protected:

Car Maintenance

Now is the time to get your car serviced and checked over. Make sure your mechanic checks your drive-belts for any signs of cracks or damage, when the heat is on a sub-par belt could let you down.

How long has it been since your cars cooling system was flushed? Do you have the right coolant in your system? Now is when you should be having this seen to.

Your cars brakes will also be working under their most difficult conditions in the heat so make sure your brake pads, rotors and fluids are all in good shape.

It’s also important to ensure your tyre pressures are correct and with the warmer months being peak season for bugs…ensure you windscreen wipers are working correctly and that you have water and washer fluid in your reservoir.

Air Conditioning

Is your air-conditioning system working as well as it should? Now is the time to get in and get it checked and remember, in the lead-up to Christmas holidays car servicing centres are at their busiest.

Window Tint

It’s one of the simplest ways to keep the heat out and the cabin (and you) cool. Window tint also helps protect your car interior from sun damage and that can affect your vehicles value long term.

You can even get DIY window tint!

Window Shades

If you have to park your car in the sun these affordable accessories make a great deal of difference.


Yes, we’ve seen it on TV but it is true – the Australian sun can warm a car bonnet to the point that you can fry an egg on it!

Take the time now to protect your paintwork from the damaging rays, we recommended using a quality car polish (and remember to polish your car when the metal is cool and not in direct sunlight).

Protecting You

  • Plan your journey and rethink whether you need to travel long distances during the heat of the day.
  • Wear clothes that will keep you as cool as possible, but don’t drive in bare feet, flip-flops or loose sandals.
  • Keep a large bottle of water in the car. Drink plenty during rest stops, to help you keep hydrated.
  • We know you wouldn’t, but never leave a child or dog alone in a car on a warm day.
  • Be an extra courteous driver as some people can get very hot, bothered and impatient when the weather is warm.

Got any other tips you’d like to share with our readers? Leave a comment below, send us an email via or use the Contact page.

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