Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 Review

Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 Review

We check out another phone cradle from Just Mobile…

A month of ago we reviewed the Just Mobile Xtand Vent mobile phone holder.

Now we look at another Just Mobile cradle, the Xtand Go Z1.

Different from your run of the mill phone mount, the Go Z1 has a, let’s say, unique design.

The suction cup attachment is familiar but the flexible, extendable, foldable, circular (whew*) bracket arm is the distinctive feature.

Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 ReviewComprising of three connected discs, the arm provides articulation through hinges and rotating faces on either end.

This allows users to position their smartphone in whatever orientation or angle they desire.

The connecting end has a retractable bracket, like the one on the Xtand Vent, that can expand to a maximum width of 92mm.

Both ends possess a slot system that either the bracket or the suction cup can slide on to.

For a more permanent fixture, the package comes with adhesive pads that allow you stick one end of the circular arm onto a surface like the dashboard, console or door.

Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 ReviewAgain, you adjust your preferred angle, then lock it into place with a hidden Allen key in the middle disc to tighten the screws in the hinges.

The Xtand Go Z1 is versatile, flexible and just a little different.

If you have a larger device, you can also reverse the Xtand with the suction cup on the back of device.

The suction cup, while displaying smart design principals, can be hard to lock securely into place relying only on the rotation of the cup itself without the aid of a separate lever.

It can be a little fiddly to setup and adjust initially but a phone mount is probably not something you’re going change constantly once you’ve fixed it’s position.

The Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 is priced at $34.95 and can be purchased from the Just Mobile website.

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