Joopy Sun Shade Review

Joopy Sun Shade Review

Joel Helmes reviews the Joopy Sun Shade.

Joopy Sun Shade Review
Joopy Sun Shade Review – simply position the shade and let the magnets do the work.

The warmer months are upon us and that means for those of us who spend a lot of time in the vehicle that sun exposure is a serious issue.

The Joopy Sun Shade promises to help keep the sun off your face and neck and we were asked to give one a test to see how it performs.

At first I was a little concerned about how to fit the Joopy Sun Shade, fortunately it is anything but difficult. I tried the product on the Kia Sorento I was also reviewing this week and installation took all of about five seconds!

Strong little magnets on the Joopy Sun Shade stick directly to the door frame and Bob’s your uncle, it’s fitted and ready to go!

Joopy Sun Shade Review
Joopy Sun Shade Review – the shade is held tight by the magnets and then the closed door enables a firm fitting.

The Joopy Sun Shade also has foldable tabs to allow for installation to doors that have a rubber seal, rather than a flat metal surface, the good news is installation on these cars is just as easy.

Either way, close the door and even at high speed with the window down, the Joopy Sun Shade isn’t going anywhere!

And yes, you really notice just how much sun exposure you get from the top/rear of your side windows when the shade is in place, driving is cooler, more comfortable, there’s less glare and no doubt having this protection is good for your skin health.

Joopy Sun Shade Review
Joopy Sun Shade Review – the shade keeps heat and UV rays off your neck and face.

A simple, effective and Australian Made product, full marks! Order a Joopy Sun Shade now from the Joopy Sun Shade website.

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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! That’s where a sun shade should be – on the top. That’s where the sun comes from after all, not from the side. Most on the market are fixed to the window obstructing your view and preventing you from winding it down.

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