February 28, 2019
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Iveco Daily making serious in-roads into rental segment

Iveco Daily making serious in-roads into rental segment

Auto transmission equipped Iveco Daily the perfect fit for rentals…

The team at Iveco Australia see a big opportunity to increase their presence in the lucrative truck and van rental market.

A unique commercial vehicle landscape where an auto transmission is now a must, eight new Iveco Daily vans/cab-chassis vehicles have just been added to the Budget Rentals fleet in South Australia.

After sampling the Daily ourselves recently (review here), we aren’t surprised the versatile vehicle is starting to be noticed by rental firms.

Budget SA Commercial Manager, David Barker, tells us the Iveco product is ideal for the many different applications that rental vehicles must contend with.

“The features that the Iveco vehicles come with, such as reversing cameras, satellite navigation, left and right sliding doors and cargo barriers make them easy to drive and use for our customers.”

But it’s the Iveco automatic transmission that is the biggest attraction according to David.

“Across all our fleet there’s a move towards full automatics.

“As well as reducing maintenance costs on items such as clutches, the full auto allows the driver to have two hands on the steering wheel all the time – there are fewer distractions for them.”

Powered by Iveco’s smallest engine, the 93kW/320Nm 2.3 litre turbo-diesel, David says the new Iveco’s just added to the fleet are expected to give up to five-years’ service.

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