Isuzu MU-X seat-belt recall

Isuzu MU-X seat-belt recall

Seat-belt fault could pose danger to Isuzu MU-X passengers.

Isuzu MU-X seat-belt recall
Isuzu MU-X seat-belt recall – Isuzu MU-X owners need to return their vehicle to a dealership.

The Isuzu MU-X is being recalled to fix a seat-belt anchor point fault that could break in the event of a serious crash.

Being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the ACCC recall notice says the Isuzu MU-X seat-belt recall affects 3,683 vehicles sold in Australia since the Thai-built seven-seat Isuzu SUV was launched here last year.

In announcing the recall, the ACCC said the material used in the nut for the 2nd row middle seat-belt anchor point in the Isuzu MU-X may not meet specifications. In addition, excessive impurities were found in the base material of the nut.

In the event of a severe frontal accident the nut may break and the passengers seated in the 2nd row of seats, utilizing the centre seat belt anchorage point, may not be sufficiently restrained.

Isuzu dealerships will replace the existing bolt used to fasten the 2nd row seat-belt anchor with a longer bolt, which also includes an additional nut that fastens from the other end.

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Joel Helmes