Interesting Facts: Toyota LandCruiser

Some facts and trivia you might not have known about the Toyota LandCruiser…

Interesting Facts: Toyota LandCruiser

The Toyota LandCruiser continues to be a runaway success in Australia and the model holds a special place in our history for its work helping to build the Snowy Hydro Scheme back in the 1950’s.

Given its popularity and long and proud history here we thought we would take a few moments to present some interesting facts and trivia about the LandCruiser…

  • Toyota’s 4×4 production began during the Korean war with the US ordering 100 Willys-spec Jeeps from the Japanese manufacturer.
  • By 1968 Toyota had already sold 100,000 LandCruisers globally.
  • The LandCruiser was first offered to Australian car buyers in 1959.
  • In 1969 you could buy a new LandCruiser for around $2,500.
  • The early series Toyota LandCruiser came with a three-speed manual transmission.
  • Aside from a clever Kangaroo, the LandCruiser starred in the long-running Skippy TV series.
  • The two-door LandCruiser offered in Australia in the 1980’s was known as the Bundera.
  • The Australian army first ordered Toyota LandCruisers in 1978.
  • It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the LandCruiser was offered with an automatic transmission.
  • The current 200 Series was the first generation of LandCruiser to offer a V8 diesel engine.
  • The LandCruiser’s success has helped spawn spin-off models like the Prado and FJ Cruiser.
  • LandCruiser production through the years has been predominantly in Japan, though Toyota has also built the model for different markets in Venezuela, Laos and China.

Check out the iconic FJ LandCruiser in action here…

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