Hyundai Australia hints at upcoming ute offering

Hyundai Australia hints at upcoming ute offering

It’s been discussed and rumoured for a long time but finally we could be getting closer to seeing a Hyundai ute in Australia.

Hyundai Australia hints at upcoming ute offeringHyundai Australia PR chief, Bill Thomas, admitted on the Behind the Wheel Podcast this week that a ute would be a tremendous addition to the Hyundai line-up in Australia.

It comes after Hyundai recently showed a concept called the Santa Cruz (pictured above).

Mr Thomas hinted that progress towards a Hyundai pick-up is being made.

“Our Australian engineers and product experts have been talking to our parent company about the ute and have been putting together some pretty detailed suggestions on what that vehicle needs to be,”

“So it’s really a case of watch this space, but I can assure you that our mother company knows exactly what that vehicle needs to do to be able to beat the likes of the Toyota HiLux.

“Again, if we enter that market we will need to enter it with a really good vehicle,

“It might even be in the works.” Mr Thomas concluded with a smile.

We will keep you updated on any Hyundai ute news that comes to hand into the future.


  1. Please have a reasonable sized diesel engine. Preferably more than 4 cyl and bigger than 2.8l. Australia needs gutsier diesels.

    • a lightweight dual cab ute with a V6 at least 3.6 ltr or a 3.8 ltr petrol auto with as many gears as possible, The Ute needs to be just as powerful as my beautiful Hyundai sonata elite 3.3 ltr V6 2006 model and make sure it has plenty of leg room in the back

  2. Unlikely to be the Santa Cruz if they are suggesting a competitor for the HiLux. He must be referring to a full size pickup, which is what Hyundai Australia has already indicated to be their preference. The Santa Cruz still sits in limbo

  3. the SANTA CRUZ is what many people will like cause its soo deferent to other ute’s, otherwise they won’t be interested to Hyundai ute.

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