Huge investment in hydrogen announced

$14 billion plan to increase use of hydrogen fuels in vehicles…

Huge investment in hydrogen announced

We recently got a drive of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car and came away quite impressed (details here), now another step towards hydrogen has been made with a huge investment in the technology being announced.

Toyota, BMW, Daimler, Honda and Hyundai will invest over $14 billion Australian dollars in a bid to accelerate hydrogen fuel use in coming years.

The stakeholders saying a shift to hydrogen will help combat climate change.

Joined by energy and industrial companies, including Shell, the car manufacturers will form a hydrogen council, which will primarily seek collaboration with government agencies.

“The hydrogen council will seek collaboration, cooperation and understanding from governments, industry and most importantly, the public,” said Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota‘s chairman.

“At Toyota, we have always tried to play a leading role in environmental and technological advances in the automotive industry, including through the introduction of fuel cell vehicles.”

We will keep you updated with further news on the hydrogen council as it comes to hand.

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