Honda’s Kumamoto Factory Damage Worse Than Thought

Honda's Kumamoto Factory Damage Worse Than Thought

Damage to Honda’s Kumamoto production plant is more severe than initially thought.

The plant has been shut down since earthquakes hit the region on the 14th and 16th of April, and Honda was hoping to bring the plant back online by April 28.

But after further assessment of the damage to the manufacturing equipment and buildings, Honda is now saying that the plant may not return to full production until August.

Honda's Kumamoto Factory Damage Worse Than ThoughtOperations will resume in stages, beginning on the 6th May.

The Kumamoto plant is Honda’s fourth factory and was established in 1976.

It is Honda’s largest domestic site and produces its large capacity bikes including Goldwing, the CBR1000RR and VFR1200F, as well as all of the off-road competition bikes. The factory produces around 250,000 machines each year.

It is also the location of one of the company’s most important R&D divisions.

Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd., the subsidiary company that produces mini-vehicles for Honda, returned to limited production on April 22nd and is planned to be fully operational in 6 months.

All other plants are currently operating normally.

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